Colored Pencil Animal Drawings for Baby Room

In order to add some decoration to my son’s room, I made two animal drawings using colored pencils.   Method: I traced a couple of photos from David Attenborough’s book Life on Earth then transferred them onto Canson Mi-Tientes colored pastel paper.  After transferring, I filled in the outlines with colored pencil, much like one would…

Trying to Paint More Realistically

This is an oil painting depicting a black snake attacking the nest of some brown thrashers.  It’s based on an old illustration from the great Dover book Animals.  I’m trying to teach myself how to paint “realistically”; I think I get hung up on small details, but I hope to achieve a more painterly style someday!…

Paintings 2005 – 2010

My partner and I moved to a new apartment this weekend, so we got a chance to put all of my medium- to large-sized paintings in one room and see them all in one place! These paintings represent at least 120 hours of work.  Now that we have lots of extra wall space, I hope to…

Stencil Art Friday

This stencil-style image took me around 1 hour (all in Photoshop): Making this graffiti-style “brush” took around 30 minutes (also Photoshop): The graffiti brush was made with the help of a book called Creative Photoshop.  

Year of the Rabbit

Made this yesterday (Illustrator & Photoshop), took around 2 hours.  I was thinking of just a simple calendar cover or something along those lines: It’s a tribute to my husband’s car, an awesome 1979 VW Rabbit diesel!