I recently got “commissioned” by my husband Matt to make him some new business cards.

In his words: “I actually had this idea for a card before we moved away from NYC, while we were just talking about [moving to the country]. Had to wait until now to use it.”  Now that we’ve finally made it out to the countryside, it’s time for this card to be put to use!

Here are a couple of Matt’s initial drawings:

I scanned his drawings into my laptop and line traced some of the elements in Illustrator.  I also used some .eps symbols (like the music notes) and vector-based pictures (the tree) to complete the design.  The typeface is an unusual one called Ebrima.

Here is the final product:

I love how it’s not just a business card, it’s also a small glimpse into our new business-owning lives that tells a story.

Time spent: 6 hours

One thought on “Design Project: Stohrer Music Business Cards”

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